• Fraternities are different than sororities. Frats are horrible institutions. I hate them. Mainly I hate the tools that join them. They attract a similar type of person and that person is usually shallow minded. I have never pledged one. I was GDI in college.
  • I went to plenty of fraternities during rush week but no one took me. I did not do any sports and that was what they were mainly looking for.
  • I have never pledged for one, nor would I have wanted to. I am an individual who doesn't feel the need to belong to an established 'group', I don't long for popularity, and don't wish to 'fit in'. I guess they just never appealed to me. I have lived near several Fraternity houses. The boys who lived in them were, in general, rude and disrespectful of the neighborhood and others around them. They used our yard for a bathroom on more than one occasion, and I grew tired of picking up their beer cans and party cups from my lawn.
  • i dont see anything wrong with it, ive never joined one

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