• First you need to figure out what makes you happy. The most common ones are- family, a good job, friends, financial security (not loads of money, but enough so you don't have to worry), hobbies and interests etc. There are loads of other things as well. Make a list of things that will make you happy and then figure out a way to achieve them.
  • Remember this, the brain controls the body. if your brain is free of drugs, free of alcohol, free of worry, free of disease, and free of domestic abuse, you will be happy. These are the physical and mental ingredients, that will make you happy: 1. a true love 2. good health 3. no money worries 4. a warm puppy. If all else fails, look in the mirror and examine what you see, compared to what you would like to see. a 180 degree turnaround, may be in order. new clothes, new hair style, exercise program, and make a list of your best friends. they are going to help with your new transformation. this will work, if given a chance. A great attitude is imperative. keep a smile on the face of the new you. a big smile is a sure winner. other people respond to a smile. Again, this will work, if you stay with it and give it a chance. after all, you are looking for happpiness, in a world of many uncertainties. be smart, be determined and be yourself. go for it!
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  • Happiness is a state of mind. Once we get past our basic needs: food, water, warmth etc, the extent to which we are happy is very much up to ourselves. It helps to be positive. When bad things happen (as they do to us all) instead of saying "this always happens to me!" or wallowing in it, try accepting the problem. See the positive elements of the situation, accept that the bad will pass and tell yourself you are strong enough to deal with it. When good things happen, embrace them, don't say "Oh it won't last.", or "But so-and-so did even better." Be thankful for all that you have, put effort into achieving what you want and can have, don't expect good fortune to just fall in your lap (an achievement worked hard for feels far more satisfying than one given freely)and don't waste time hankering after the things you can't have. Love people, use things. Don't invest emotion or love in anything that can't love you back. Money, fame and possessions help make our lives easier, but they are not ends in themselves, and certainly no replacement for loving friends and family, and confidence in ourselves. Don't let other people's expectations drag you down- listen to your own expectations instead. Be true to yourself. Maybe you've seen that old sampler: "Give me the strength to change what I cannot accept, The serenity to accept what I cannot change, And the wisdom to know the difference." That's the key to happiness.
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  • anyways i think one becomes happy when they are pleased in a way or if there 'demands' are met i kno its a horrible answer and sounds weird but at least i tried to explain it
  • One decides to be happy.
  • To answer that qurerie in a practical way,(as practical as you can be with a question like that.) Set lower expectations and you're expectations will allways be met, in other words, just decide to be happy with what you have.
  • Money...Money equals happiness :)
  • Happiness starts with you. Don't expect happiness to be handed to you, you have to make it for yourself.
  • just try to get involved with fun things to do
  • Make other people happy should make you happy. Wear a smile.

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