• Who do you think makes the "brown wrapper" brand of food?? It may be canned produce that didn't make the grade for the "name brand" but it is processed and packaged or canned by the same companies. It wouldn't be cost efficient to create manufacturers, machinery, labor, packaging, canning, shipping, etc... to do the same thing that the name brand companies do. The name brand companies also like the idea that their companies can use their machinery and keep their business busy by doing this at a cheaper cost.. they still get the sales, even if the products sell cheaper in the stores... Volume sales = more profits.
  • From personal experience I would say not always. I have bought generic/ store brand cans of veggies that look the same as the name brand and the two are so different that I have to buy the name brand. Same with frozen veggies. When it comes to cereal though some of the store brand/ generic stuff almost seems of high quality. If you look at the nutritional label of some of these, depending on the store, they seem to have better ingredients and sometimes are higher in things that count to me like fiber.
  • There are off brands that are better than the national brands and vice versa. It pretty much depends on your individual taste. I wouldn't dream of buying anything but off brand canned beans but I only buy national brand english peas. Best bet is to try a few different kinds and find the one that appeals to you.
  • I dont now im testing it as a project
  • Sometimes they are, and sometimes they are not. I have found that most Trader Joe's brand things are good, and Whole Foods 365 brand is excellent. In the past few years Kroger has started a "Private Selection" in store brand that I have been quite pleased with most of the time.
  • For the most part, but some things I only get name brand. I buy Jif peanut butter and Hunt's ketchup. I buy name brand coffee creamer because the store brands usually only have french vanilla and i can't stand that. Golden grahms cereal has to be real, too. the store brand is icky. But I do buy a lot of store brand stuff.
  • Sometimes they aren't and sometimes they are even better.

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