• Geez, how much simpler can you get? See asteriks for the "simple" answer. By reading this answer (current as of 16 June 2004) Company Description for EBAY: 2145 Hamilton Ave. San Jose, CA 95125 Phone: 408-376-7400 Fax: 408-376-7401 Industry: Internet Auctions The company is a cyber-forum for selling more than 45,000 categories of merchandise, from Beanie Babies to fine antiques. **eBay, which generates revenue through listing and selling fees and through advertising** (answer to Question 2), boasts some 95 million registered users. The fast-growing company is offering new services and expanding into new areas (Australia, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, and Taiwan) through site launches, acquisitions, and joint ventures. **2003 Sales: +$2,165,100,000 (Answer to Question 1)** 1 Yr. Sales Growth: +78.30% 2003 Net Income: +$441,800,000 2003 Employees: 6,200 More info:

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