• I would think that anyone is entitled to their opinion. I usually accept criticism without feeling insulted.I think all of us like to get points for our questions and answers but unfortunately there are many different kinds of "point seekers." There are point seekers who post a lot of questions and gather in the points for their questions without ever reading any of the answers or leaving comments. These are the most notorious point seekers and some of the long time ABers refer to them as "points gardeners" or "points harvesters". There are also the point seekers who never ask questions. They simply try to answer everything that is out there even when their answers have very little relevance for what the question is asking.
  • If someone called me a point seeker I would find it amusing. I honestly don't care about points period. Wether I get them or wether I get downrated. I couldn't care less which is probably why I am still a level 15 after all this time. Answering to accumulate points in my opinion could cause someone to give an answer that they thought would get some posotive feedback and or points rather than stating their true feelings. I'd rather be honest and state my opinion rather than compromise my principles and give a PC answer that I thought would gain me some points which are in my opinion "pointless" It's not like I win a trip to Vegas or something for accumulating points.
  • I would tell them to look at the answers I have given about database and spreadsheet software - virtually all of them good, well researched answers and check out the average number of points that are awarded in those categories. I am currently in a comment thread where my answer is the only one and it has the not uncommon total of ZERO points. No, a point seeker I am not. I would define a point seeker as somebody who posts questions that are virtually identical to each other and are easy for anybody to answer.
  • I would laugh and point out that if I'm a points seeker, I'm the laziest one on Answerbag. I made Guru after two-and-a-half years. Only 14.68% of my total points come from moderating. I mean, given the facts, the accusation would be ridiculous. To me, a points seeker is someone whose focus is on points acquisition, whose goal is to answer as many questions in as short a time as possible, many with one word - "Yes", "No", "Nope", "Yep", and "Maybe". Sometimes with short phrases like "I dunno", "You're right!" and "Yes I do". Someone who asks congratulations questions for people he/she hardly knows, just to get the points, is a points seeker. It could also be anyone who talks about points, points, points, and then denies his or her focus is on points is, to me, a points seeker. You've never struck me as a points seeker, The Daley's.
  • Having read the previous answers, I wouldn't know where I stand - I hardly ever ask questions but I do answer a lot, so does that make me a points seeker? I don't think it does, because I only answer questions I feel I can, even if some of them are frivolous. I never just answer Yes No I dunno... that is truly pointless. The others, I may have taken a great deal of time and trouble over, but I may not get any points for at all. How can I be sure I will be pointed for my answers? Even when you get into a dialogue with the Asker, you still may not get points. You may feel brave enough to ask for them, but for some reason this is not 'done'. Bortom line this is all meant to be for fun - so we shouldn't take it all so seriously.
  • Yes, I would be insulted for a short time but then again, that's their opinion and I know the truth. If they care to show me their evidence I will laugh at them because I could point out the countless questions I ask where I know there aren't many if any points coming my way but I spend a lot of time answering carefully to help people. And I can mention that I gave up my ability to gain points from flagging, while still being able to do it as a CL, and I was very good at flagging. I don't ask question after question just to get points, either. So, think what you will. I am just enjoying my time here. I enjoy giving and receiving points. I love helping people. And I do like keeping good order here.
  • I would not see the point of asking this. My point of view is quite different. I would also point at this. I go on AB because I find it is very interesting, point. But they can call me a point seeker if it makes them feel better. I just think that it is not just about points on AB. And now seek the points in my answer...
  • i wouldnt really mull over it. thats their opinion. iam not here just to get the points and boast about being top points member. i would be slightly annoyed that someone would suggest that iam, if iam ever accused of only caring about the points. a points seeker, is, according to time spent on Yahoo answers is someone desperate for attention, wanting fame and glory handed to him or her on a silver platter.. i worked hard composing this reply so gimmie my points! lol..j/k.
  • Heck no! Once you get past a certain level it gets so hard to advance that I beg for points. I would define a point seeker that members that only give snark, quips, and jabs for answers but never a thoughtful, legitimate answer. I don't mind humor but all the time? It gets wearisome.

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