• An average female dog, of any breed, will be in heat for about 3 weeks. The 1st week going into heat, the 2nd "in" heat, and the 3rd going out of heat. The most fertile days are the middle or about the 11-15 day of her cycle. Some dogs will, however, last for 2 weeks, and others 4 weeks. Pay close attention to notice the timing to safeguard your dog from an unwanted pregnancy by the dog down the street. Do not let your dog outside without being on a lease - even if it's in your fenced back yard! The smell of her urine will blaze a trail to your house, so don't be surprised to see male dogs hovering in your yard or by the door. Remember too, during this time, with her hormones raging, she will become as interested as the males to "hook up" and she might even jump the fence or bold out the door. Be especially cautious with her during walks, because a male dog could approach and become aggressive towards you and her, causing serious injury. I had a white German Shepherd once who broke out a window when she was in heat, then pulled herself through the small pane to get outside. A shard of glass still attached and hanging down sliced open a cut on her hip. When we finally found her, she was red and covered with blood. She'd been with a male, and their mating action smeared her blood all over and probably made it bleed more too. The cut needed 2 levels of stitches to close it up because it was so deep and wide. She was fine and about 2 months later she had a litter of 5 puppies. They were beautiful babies, all typical black and tan German Shepherd markings, but it wasn't what we'd planned for her. We thought we'd done everything to safeguard her inside and never considered her breaking glass . . . Finally, always have her collar and tags on. Just in case you need it for making up flyers, have a good picture of your dog ready too. It might sound silly, but you never know and you'll regret not being fast enough to find her if she gets out and hurt. If you don't intend to breed your dog, it's safe to have her spayed after the 3 weeks are over. Otherwise, look forward to going through this whole cycle again, anytime between 6 to 8 months, because dogs generally come into heat about twice a year.
  • This is not a answer this is a question>My female white german shepherd were in heat for 5 days could she be finished cus we want to breed her,her hips look good and we know about 10peope who whant her pups is this a sign that she is ready to breed cuz I red that when they are ready to mate the bleeding stops or is she finished

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