• i love it .. i use it daily, it's second nature to me
  • Fantastic? I think it's a lovely word, really.
  • Fucking love it.
  • I use it way too much!
  • It's a word that used to have a lot of power and now has no more power than "crap."
  • I use it for effect. I use it creatively.
  • It's used so much it kind of lost it's shock value.
  • i love the F word but you get to many F's together and all the sudden you have a big boom FFFF gunpowder is pretty good... but FFFFF is even better
  • Dude, its just a word, heck every kid over 10 knows what it is and a majority say it. Its just a word, its only wrong if you do it spitefully i guess.
  • I find it useful when used privatley ( such as when I stub my toe or get a voice message from work with fires that need to be put out. ) In public, I find it derogatory and low class.... GOD I'M old before my time. But seriously, I think there are better ways that using the "urban legend derivitive of" For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge... to express extreme dipleasure. I find a well toned Pardon ME?!? is just as good if not better then you did not just F*&%ing say that!
  • WORST 4-letter F word you'll EVER hear a chickie say.....when she says "Fine." you know you're in trouble.
  • I think Van Morrisons "Fantabulous" is about the silliest F-word I ever heard. A word actually on "Moondance"
  • POLITE WORD FOR f***. Any word beginning with f that is not normally taboo but is considered (often humorously) to be so in the given context. "She has no luck with diets. Don't mention the f-word (by which I mean 'fat'." The word faggot The word feminism The word federalism within the context of European Union related politics "The F-Word" (Babybird song), a song on Babybird's album, Bugged released in 2000 The F Word (film), a 2005 film starring Josh Hamilton The F-Word, a cooking show featuring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay "The F Word" (song), a song and single by Cannibal Ox from their album The Cold Vein The F Word (magazine), an online magazine about contemporary UK feminism FWord pointers
  • I have no problem with others using it. I use it infrequently, but I DO use it. I don't think it sounds very classy in everyday conversation. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but my vocabulary is not that limited.

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