• Yea what she said about the location, but watch out for that self clean I work at a appliance store and we get tons of calls of people saying they used the self clean and then their burners burned out I don't know why it does this just wanted you to know to keep a look out. As long as you don't do it a whole lot it should be fine~
  • i have a frigidaire self cleaning oven and i acildently ingaged the door lock with the door open and i can't get it to unlock. what should i do
  • Extreme heat incinerates the baked on glop. That's why the doors lock you out when you use the cleaning function.
  • The oven turns its heat up to about 800 degrees to cook the cr*p out of itself, and supposedly burns itself clean. BUT you can damage stuff, start fires, etc. DO NOT leave the house when doing it.
  • Self-cleaning ovens have builti-in heating elements, that surround the inside of the oven. these elements heat to around 800 degrees, while you are not actually using the oven, to burn leftover residues. This process is suppose to clean the inside of the oven. Some self-cleaning ovens work much better than others.
  • I can't get the oven door to lock to operate in self cleaning mode and don't have my operating manual. Model # NF72203262 serial # CFEF388JES1.
  • My husband tried to tell me we have a self-cleaning oven. I told him he was a lying toad!
  • never heard of that but it probably cleans itself
  • A (gas powered) oven burns on a high setting for at least 3 hours and turns all the burnt residue into ash, which can be wiped off after the oven has cooled down. It helps to scrape off any large bits and to scrub glass clean first to prevent a hazy buildup.

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