• No. He retarded the growth and potential of a country and a people. They should have drug him through the streets and hung him like Mussolini.
  • Considering the fact that he jailed (in terrible conditions) and killed those who he considered in opposition of his government, NO. I am scared of such a government, and hope not to see one in the US, though it has gotten dangerously close. The "If you're not with us, you're against us" mentality is one that makes little sense in my mind.
  • Ask poor Cuban nation. I hope they are starving less than before.
  • For a long long time he was the only one the poor Cuban people were allowed to have, so there is no one to compare him with to make a judgement or comparison.
  • He was a great leader with a great cause but he failed in his objective when he gave up on Democracy, became a dictator, and was psychologically unable to change the direction of his policies when it became obvious that they weren't working. The US also failed with its confrontational diplomacy. But Castro bears the ultimate responsibility.
  • No dictator is a great leader.
  • He failed early on and his inability to adjust, to change paths is the more egregious because he can't be excused on the grounds of old age. A young man should have been able to adapt quickly. But no one can say that he lacked the other qualities of a "truly great leader."
  • We would all do well to mark these words of one our greatest historians: "The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern." Lord Acton.
  • He should not have closed the churches. He was a bad leader. Read your Bible!
  • Yes, without him, Cuba would be in much worse shape than it is today.
  • He did help his country will free healthcare and prescription medicine.The schools and universities are free,and the literacy rate is almost 100%.As far as I know,no one is starving,though some are very ,very poor.He is a dictator,but there are many dictators in the world, where nothing negative is said about them.Some treat their citizens much worse.
  • Castro was a despot who stayed too long at his post. He had great dreams but got lost as his hatred of the US developed. Glad to know that he retired and I hope that Raul too will soon be "retiring". Change or death!
  • Not really... I have a few Cuban friends who can't even stand the name of this guy.
  • In fifty years of power Castro transformed Cuba into a poor,struggling,backwater. There are food shortages,substandard housing,inferior healthcare,and little opportunity to escape grinding poverty. This ruthless, megalomaniacl, bully merely used his people as pawns in his endless quest for power and international recognition. Thousands have spent years in prison without committing any crimes. They merely opposed his leadership.Castro subjugated his own people to serve himself. A strong man can hold power,but a truly great leader improves the quality of life of the people of his country.
  • If the US had been given him the support he needed, instead of forcing him to give up that which he had rightfuly won, he would have probably been the greatest leader known to the world. However, the US forced him to take sides and the rest is history!

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