• I haven't even looked at that site in two years. I'd nearly forgotten about it. :p
  • Yes I have recorded one song and a test 12 bar blues jam. I am new to recording but have played music for close to 40 years. There are some web sites that you can post your songs for free.
  • My husband has headed up a metal band for about 13 years now. His stuff can be found on:
  • I started a blog in 2005, but never maintained it. There are about 6 articles, and only two are really fictional stories. "My wife's last boyfriend" and "The Fella before the last Fella".. It was kind of fun.
  • OK - here's mine... Since I asked the question. :) Enjoy!
  • Yes, but I took down the website they were hosted on recently. I'll be putting up a new one in a few months.

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