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  • yea fire away if ya want to just do it but make sure and use a condom
  • Well, its not ideal, but a lot depends on you, how you were raised and the person you are with. In general you are physically ready for sex, but at your age, emotionally you are not there yet. If you are having sex with a boy your age - I am assuming based on your nom de guerre that you are a woman - you will tend to see it through a very different prism than he will and that opens the door to all sorts of problems. In general - and this is all in general - a girl your age will tend to invest more emotion in a sexual relationship than a man would. Not that you won't find 14 year old boys who don't. When a boy falls in love - and sex is added to that - he can fall very hard and sometimes even harder than a girl. Most of the time, though, a boy will tend to focus on the physical with the emotional as an afterthought. He is therefore apt to walk away from a relationship after having sex - especially if he is conflicted about it. (A boy raised in a home where he is taught that sex is saved for marriage is likely going to be very confused and feel guilty if he has sex before marriage and at a young age.) Are you prepared to handle that? Close your eyes then and picture this: You meet a guy. He's cute. You end up having sex - and by the way, as often as not, first time sex among young people tends to be a disappointment for both the man and the women - and then you have to go back to him and tell him you are pregnant. Of course you think it can't happen - but it could. How do you handle that? What if the guy wants no part of you or your baby? What do your parents say? What about your education? (You can kiss good-bye high school rites of passage like the prom, that's for sure. You'll be home feeding your baby.) Having said all that, I am not hostile to the idea of young people having sex. Though I DO think that 14 is a bit young. A couple more years might be better. Though I may be prejudice as I had sex for the first time at age 16. It was great. I thought I was in love - and I was for a time - and I felt like a stud and was on top of the world for about two days. Then I started to wonder if I had gotten my gf pregnant. We had sex on the spur of the moment. Therefore we had no protection... For the next few weeks she and I sweated it out. We stayed together but we were stressed. We bickered, and every other day I was asking her if she had her period yet. Which, suffice to say, drove her crazy. It turned out that we were lucky and she was not pregnant, but ask yourself - since I speak from experience - are you prepared for all that? Truthfully, you are probably too young to really answer that question - and I say that with no disrespect. How can you know when you have no point of reference to work from? So, the bottom line is, on balance, that is likely not okay. However, for every rule there is an exception to the rule. Are you that one in ten exception? Neither I nor the "stupid computer" can answer that. How mature are you? Is the guy you are thinking of making love to/just having casual sex with a stand up guy who will be there for you - or will it be one night and "see ya kid?" At a minimum, if you choose to have sex, to maximize the chances of it being a good experience, don't have it spur of the moment. Plan it. Moreover, plan to have it in a place and time where you will have lots of time and a reasonable expectation of privacy. Bring condoms - don't rely on the guy to do it, though it will tell you a lot about him if he does bring them. Know that if he is a young guy - and if he is older than 18 what he is planning is likely illegal where you live - he will probably be fast and somewhat inept. Not because he wants to be an inconsiderate lover, but because he will be too young to know how best to please you. His body is programmed by evolution to have sex with as many women as he can - it is only as a boy matures that he learns to control those animal instincts. That's the best advice I and "stupid computer" can give you. It has the virtue, however, of being the truth that you asked for. As you can tell, the truth is more complicated than a simple "yes" or "no."
  • Stay young for as long as you can and have fun masturbating! Having sex before your are ready and fully understand the responsibilities this choice brings is no fun. I remember meeting a girl when I was young that had a baby at 13 year old. She just wanted to play, but she had to take care of the baby.

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