• I love to look into my husbands eyes - it is as if you are looking into their soul. Blue just makes it even better. I swear I could drown in a mans blue eyes!
  • Yes, I believe they do. I always notice a beautiful pair of eyes. When I was younger, I worked in a coffee shop. There was a man who came in frequently, and all of the other girls I worked with called him 'dreamy eyes'. He's now my husband! :)
  • Yes, eyes are Very sexy. I love my husbands eyes, they are a warm, rich brown with flecks of copper. He can still melt me with one glance.
  • yes we do. the eyes are so sexy and it shows what a person is feeling. "The eyes are the windows to the soul". down load you picture so i can judge for my self if you have beautiful eyes.
  • Yeah. And so do men when they look like this:
  • Yes,especially when they're open
  • Yes. Everything grows older with age but youre eyes remain the same throughout your life. So youre lovely blue eyes will still be there in years to come!
  • Yes men and women both like beautiful eyes. especially when they are a striking and a a little different that everyone else's. of course I want to s3ee yours now. lol I have brown eyes, and guys tell me the same about mine. lucky you!
  • Yes. Sometimes it is the color of the eyes and sometimes it is the way the man looks. I have seen blue eyes on dark skinned men and blue eyes on blond men. I have seen men with dark eyes that almost look black, and those eyes are equally as striking. I have seen eyes that change color. I have seen men who look so damned sexy...that I am completely stunned. I have seen men who would not be considered to be physically attractive but have the most beautiful eyes....sometimes it is just the way a man looks at you; the look that simply says, "I am a man, and I am attracted to you." Sometimes it is a man's voice that does it for me.
  • Just remember to keep your eyes on your billfold; some people will catter to your ego to distract you, because of something you have that they want; not saying be paranoid, just be mindful your being distracted; Ive been told that about my hands, some women like nice strong hands, but im cautious when im complimented.
  • I knew this about women but I didn't realize the depth to which eyes affected them/you. . This was yet another reminder of the parallel universes we live in.
  • I think its something about blue eyes... both men and women alike just fancy it a lot.
  • i always notice eye color in people. i happen to like light eyes. its a nice trait to have.
  • I think We like things that are distinctive. I know a guy with the most amazing smile and another guy who has lovely arms It's nice when people have a specific feature that just makes you melt. :)
  • in this ever chnaging society, there is one thing that holds true. The eyes are the windows to the soul.

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