• ATi graphic cards: The graphic processors, and their drivers fail constantly. AMD processors:they have always been a disappointment vs Intel, NEC MIPS,SGI MIPS, or POWER
  • Crackberry
  • Anything from ATI, Apple and Intel.
  • Coby. I worked Home Electronics in a retail department store, and saw so many people return the Coby stuff due to product failures, mostly within the manufacturer's warranty period.
  • vibrators in the shape of crosses. No kidding, i've actually seen them before!!! Just way to creepy.
  • Creative Labs. Back the late summer of 2000 the release a Mac version of the SoundBlaster card for Macs. They promised that it would support surround sound. I had a surround sound capable set of speakers from their cambridge sound works division. So, I thought, "Cool! now I'll be able to get surround sound when I watch DVDs on my Mac." I go the card and found that it was not compatible with Apples DVD player. All that Creative's tech support could tell me was to find another application with which to play DVDs. There wasn't one. Well I figured that Mac OS X was due out in a few months so I would wait for that and hope that there drivers for OS X would support DVDs. They never never even bothered to put out Mac OS X drivers. So, they induced me to buy a card that was completely useless to me and then didn't even have the decency to support in the next iteration of my computer's OS. So, if they ever do make anything again that is supposed to work with the Mac OS, I doubt that I will trust them enough to risk good money on it. They treated those of us that use Macs in a very poor manner.
  • Coby. It is cheap stuff and you get what you pay for. It's almost gray market stuff. I'd buy a Sonee or Tosheba before I buy Coby.
  • I have high standards....;-D... . . .
  • I recently had a terrible experiance with dell when purchasing a laptop. I got a hp instead.
  • I've never had any luck with Sony........TVs would always break down and not last longer than American made TVs.
  • Anything made buy RCA, they left our town and left 3,000 people out of a job, that went to Mexico.

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