• Because things that you buy in stores are dirty. Things have been stored in warehouses with who knows what critters running around all over them. They have been thrown on the floor, handled by all sorts of people, and they may have been treated with chemicals to make them look "sharp" and "crisp".
    • Celifrog
      Eww, you're making me want to wash them next time.
  • Makes them softer, less crunchy to sleep on. Plus who knows where they have been before you bought them.
  • That "new" smell and crisp new stiffness is a potent mixture of chemicals such as formaldehyde and urea resins, and who wants to roll around in that? These chemicals are used to "finish" fabric for stain resistance, mercerizing, keeping them from wrinkling, and even sometimes for disinfecting.
  • Brand new sheets feel rather stiff or crisp and have a certain smell about them. They get that way, not from a good pressing but from chemicals applied into them with heat. If you wash them a lot of those chemicals get washed out and they get all soft and fresh smelling. I don't want those chemicals on my person or on my nightclothes. Plus you don't really know how clean them are from going through the manufacturing process. I just wnt clean fresh sheets, not fresh from the factory:-)
  • Washing bedsheets prior to use gets rid of the stiffness and chemical smell
  • Because there's no telling what's on them.
  • So that they will be clean when you use them.

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