• 8-18-2017 You need to read the bible yourself, because you just can't trust others to tell you what it says. They prefer to make up baloney. For instance, it was not Moses, it was Noah. And he did not take every species, or even every kind (genus). He took a few clean animals and a few unclean animals, not two of each like you saw in that stupid movie. Lots of specially trained smart people have looked hard for evidence of a world wide flood. They found two. Neither of them was Noah's flood of 2349 BC. Nevertheless, people all over the world recorded a flood that year and they all agreed on all the details. You might be surprised to learn what actually happened. This is long, but it's all there: If you don't care to read the whole book, here is the section about Noah:
    • tominhouston
      limissa gotcha Jewels. That's an old joke. BTW according to the Bible "Noah" took 7 clean and 2 unclean of the animals.

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