• That one child, anywhere on this planet, will go to bed hungry tonight.
  • In terms of impact The Black Death was a pretty appalling series of episodes. Total deaths may seem small compared against today's figures but consider them as a proportion of total population at the time. Influenza epidemics can be bad as well.
  • That children everywhere are afraid and being abused by those that are supposed to nurture them.
  • I maybe out of line here but dont EVER forget the holocaust in ww2
  • Holocaust
  • The Rise of Man.
  • A child being molested.
  • Taking what is not his to take!
  • Totalitarian Agriculture!
  • Vanity.
  • The guy who tried to buy Greenland. 😏
  • The Democrat Party
  • So far found: that one with the supervolcano in southeast Asia (Indonesia, I believe). Genetic studies suggest that the worldwide population of humans was reduced to just a few thousand at that time. It's called a "genetic bottleneck". ...Ah, here is a brief description. {{ }}
  • To date, humanity’s worst disaster is the spread of the Coronavirus, violence and wars
  • I think the holocaust and slavery are still the worst. And that includes slavery during the Roman and Egyptian empires.
  • Slavery, agriculture, and domestication i.e. civilisation. Human farming.
    • Victorine
      You think we'd be better off if we were still just hunter-gatherers? Settled agriculture paved the way for a massive number of things that you would not want to be without. As a historian, I can assure you of that. And fortunately, because of modern technology, slavery has proved to be a blip in the grand scheme of human history -- a bad one, but a short one relative to the amount of time human beings have walked the earth.
    • Creamcrackered
      I think we were FREE as hunter gatherers, we were born freely to the earth as any other creature, doesn't sound bad to me. As soon as you plough the land, you give over your freedoms to those who control the food supply i.e. the land. We domesticated grass, cattle, and then domesticated ourselves, but we are NOT free, Covid 19 exposed that lie. Can you explain why the elite get billions to live on every year, own land, why you work your ass off for 90% of your life, retire, and end up losing your life savings to some retirement home somewhere, and then die, you call that living? I can tell you people had it better off 50 years ago than what they do now, only the man was required to work, that meant the children had one parent to come home to, now the mother is forced out to work as well and the child left in the hands of the state or some stranger, things aren't getting better, all you are doing is handing more of your freedoms over to the elite. Even animals are given health care, your labour is your worth, just like theirs. You are a debt slave, look into the banking system.
  • The Black Death, in the mid-14th century. It may have killed about a third of people alive then -- estimates for deaths in Europe have run as hjgh as half of Europeans. Of course, as they say, it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Even the Black Death had its upsides, though they took years to become evident. Eventually, the resulting labor shortages put paid to the feudal system and serfdom, which was slavery in all but name, encouraged some technological developments, and helped pave the way for the Renaissance and then the Reformation, which in turned helped lead to the scientific revolution of the 17th century. But in the 14th century itself, things looked pretty damned dark after the plague.

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