• Destroy all of my credit cards. Make payment arrangements with all of my creditors (as long as you communicate with them, and agree to pay SOMETHING, they will work with you). Create a budget for myself, and live within my means.
  • Fake my own death.. unless it was just a debt of $20 then I would just have a garage sale...
  • i would come up with valuable yet intangible items to sell, in order to keep overhead... well... possible☺
  • Make monthly payments on time, work hard, and remember a golden rule of money: You can't have a large savings account and debt at the same time. Pay off your debt first, then concentrate on saving.
  • Undoubtedly it'll become important to live within means. That is also quite the way to accumulate money for further saving and investment.
  • I do owe on credit cards and my plan is to pay one off then put that amount on another one and pay it until I am debt free. With the gas prices lower it helps but I still feel the pinch. If I couldn't pay my cards or bills I would call them and make arrangements and cut all cards except one for emergency only!

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