• I took Meridia once, they worked almost too well. I was then dignosed with an eating disorder.
  • Yes, I took ephedra years ago with tremendous results. Great pills except for the severe side effects. But I've tried all the others and they don't work. I've quit all of them now.
  • i have taken phentermine (i don't know how to spell it) i was the good side to phen phen
  • Never have, and probably never will. I think eating healthy foods and getting exercise is the only safe way to lose weight.
  • Never took them for dieting but I took them a few times for partying all night long.:)
  • yes, they just give you diarrhea...that's how you lose're better off getting mono or the flu haha...because that's how it feels but with lots of energy.
  • I tried over the counter pills a few years back, they didn't do a damn thing for me.
  • I did a bit of reserach on these back when I wanted to be a doctor, but there are basically two different types of diet pills. One ups your metabolism like crazy and curbs your appetite (structurally it's almost the same as speed, serious business), and the other makes it so you don't digest the fat. The latter one sounds great, but that fat has to come out somehow. I think the term they use is "oily discharge". If you look at the studies, diet pills do almost nothing for the average person. Of course there always exceptions, but they really don't seem to do anything for someone your size.
  • I also took Phentermine for a few months and lost 40#. Unfortunately, you slip right back into old habits without the crutch and all research shows that you must stay on Phentermine long term (just like a BP med) in order to maintain. Most doctors still correlate it with the Fen and are afraid to prescribe it and those who do only do it for 12 weeks tops. It did work though and I had no side effects, no mood changes, etc. It worked great.
  • i've taken akavar, hydroxycut, dexatrim, satise, trimspa, relacore, hoodia, and ephedrine (pure ephedrine, which isn't technically a diet pill but is used for weight-loss.) the only thing that did anything at all for me was the ephedrine, and it was probably because i was taking way too much of it. ephedrine can be addictive, though, and it's actually VERY unhealthy for you. it can screw up your heart and everything, so i must advise against taking it. if you look on the packages- most diet pills are tested on individuals "with a BMI between 35-40." that's morbidly obese- that's where they're getting their "amazing weightloss results" from, haha. they don't generally work so well on people who are at a normal weight.
  • Back in the early 70s I did and lost almost 100 lbs. I lost like 60-70 lbs in one month eating nothing, just these experimental pills. I was under a doctor's care and in this test program. It was great for losing the weight but bad for my health. My hair fell out. I was weak with no muscle tone and they never taught me how to deal with food so as soon as I started to eat again, I quickly gained it back with time. I have never been the same since as it ruined my metabolism.
  • I used to. But I used them wrong and like overdosed on them when i ate too much. yeah. bit of an eating disorder back in the day
  • I never have
  • yes i have ...even though i didnt believe in them...and considered them dangerous....but thank gaod i tried SlimAlli i lost about 20 pound in just 3 weeks and i had no side effects...n now i love myself...feel great! you too can check it out at
  • nope, and i never will. i'll go about losing weight in my own way, without those things.
  • Yes I'm taking Hydroxycut Max. I've never tried them before, but I don't think it is too unhealthy, especially since I am eating healthier since being on them. I looked at the ingrediants, it's mostly caffeine and green tea extract.
  • once upon my life i was on an mdma diet... does that count???
  • I'm currently taking these german diet pills and they have been working almost tooooo well. I haven't had any appetite AT ALL in the past month. I eat brekfast everyday and then take two pills then i don't eat until the next day breakfast. That way I get the protein i need and for vitamins i take vitamin pills. My mom has been using these pills for about 10 years now and she's in great shape. They make you want to exercise and give you a lot of energy but your hunger has been killed. You get thirsty a lot though which is also not a bad thing since the water washes out the fat and then you urine it out. I guess using diet pills and not eating could work if its done in the right way. my mom is so healthy and she has never had a problem because of her diet.
  • Pls read this article I posted in e-How. It will answer your question in full. I use the same pills after the cruise, after parties and restaurant. It takes me awhile to get back to my normal, but I am very successful.
  • Yes but not consistantly enough so if you are going to do it do it with good reason and be stricter!
  • Yeah, I my shame. Freshman year I was really close to having anorexia. People said I did but I got myself together before it got really bad. I took weight loss pills even though I was already underweight. They were some French weight loss thing..I don't even remember now. But I don't know if I lost weight from the pills or not eating. So, no advice there. It was actually very horrible and I am so thankful to God I am healthy and happy now !!! :D
  • I'm using phentramin-d diet pill. Very effective and safe to use. Lost 29 lbs in 6 weeks.
  • Hell's Angels' manufactured "white crosses" in the '80's. But not to diet! [and the 'quality control' sucked] ;-)
  • Yes years ago,most doctors wont prescribe them anymore.

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