• I would probably produce the most bizarre robot human-beings, wandering around doing bizarre things which would make people smile and be happy.
  • I would start my own dog breed... Golden Retrievers crossed with Aussie Shepherds
  • I'd have a business with computers and servers of all kinds and capabilities.
  • Combo car and bike restoration business with a ceramics workshop attached.
  • I would open a state of the art nursing home with everything they could ever want or need.
  • I would be a homeopathic Dr.
  • I would operate a world wide courier service.
  • I'd bake things. Muffins, Cookies, Cakes, Pastries.
  • I'd run the ultimate bar, real dart boards, no plastic tip crap, a shuffleboard table or two, a few pool tables, a jukebox, and a stage and dance floor to bring in local talent as well. A few tvs for sports, and maybe sunday lunch buffets for the locals. I'd sponsor adult softball teams and little league teams, and be a pillar of the community with donations and charity in many forms. I'd have shuffleboard tourneys and pool tourneys, and dart tourneys, and maybe the occasional mud wrestling event.
  • Retail business: Comic shop, with a wide selection of games as well! Private business: Group home company that supports clients and doesn't have to worry about whether or not they'll be able to pay the staff
  • Definitely an artist - probably start with painting and move to clay
  • I would start a citizen philantrophy type website. Actually - I am already in process of doing it! Stay tuned....
  • I would invest the money and make a sci-fi themed park, you could go on different rides variang from star wars, to star trek, battlestar galatica, and others, includeing the x files, anything that can be listed or has ever been listed as... Sci-FI would have a part in my park... Most the the rides would be interactive as in the riders get to choose which way they want to go, so no two rides are the same. I would also have a few parts of the ride/park sett up as a virtual land, so you can play a rangement of games based on the different rides, many of the multi player... and all at one park price, there would be a hotel in the park, so you can wake up and then go out side... there would be little carts to rent or you can rent a chaufeer, cause the park would be so big... you could also just ride around the park that's a ride in it self.
  • A martini bar, got a good name for it for me?
  • I have been running the business that I want since 1977 ... I teach a mix of self defense and health science ... but if money were no object, I would like to buy land, have a huge building constructed, and have it equipped and furnished better than what I have right now ... and I would like to add a website that has online reading and video clips to assist with martial art and health science studies. ... click my avatar and read my profile ...

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