• its like coffee, beer, pot, cigarettes, etc... etc.. you always want what is bad for you. just like the apple in the Garden of Eden. You can have anything but this apple......... you know the rest. thats why swingers call it "taking a bite of the apple".
  • Not true.
  • It's not that they "go" for guys that hurt them. That might be the case in a small number of cases. The majority of the time many women are just looking for someone who offers a level of adventure and excitement. Something different from the norm. It just so happens that the adventure and excitement tends to come with guys who may not treat them so well. "Good guys" tend to play things safe and don't take a lot of chances. As such, the level of excitement and adventure is low and is not as appealing to a lot of women. Want to win in dating and relationships? Show you offer some excitement and adventure.

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