• (The following joke is popular in India). At last, god appeared to humans and said: "I have come to assess the situation of my creation. I want men to form two queues - one queue for men who dominated their women, and the other for men who were dominated by their women. Further, I want all the women to go away so that no man and woman can talk while the queues are formed" When God came back after a while, the women are gone and there are two queues. The queue for the men who were dominated by their women is 100 miles long. In the other queue, there is only one man. God got angry and said, "You men should be ashamed of yourselves. I created you in my image, and you are not using what you can. Look at the only one of my sons who stood up in the other queue and made me proud. Learn from him!" The men did not give reply. "Tell them, my son, how did you manage to be the only one in this queue?" The man replied, "I do not know sir! My wife told me to stand here."
    • 1465
    • Creamcrackered
      Lol! brilliant!
  • Who, me? Hey! I am "old school"! I do see a lot of sissiness among some guys today, but I don't think it is too widespread. Most is in the movies, not in reality.
  • Sissy who? Uggg ! Me Cave Man ! "Carrying spear and dragging animal carcass" ;-)
  • Jeez, I hope I haven't.
  • Well, their sissyness emerges from them trying too hard to convince everyone otherwise.
  • Perhaps it is only an illusion created by women becoming stronger and more assertive :)
  • Not here in Scotland. We even kick terrorists while they are burning.
    • Hardcore Conservative
  • Times have changed. Women are empowered today. Men have to be more subtle in their manhood than before. But the smart man is still able to express his masculinity and keep his woman enthralled.
  • Some and I blame TV
  • I don't think sissies. I think women have found out they can do anything and do it. I think there is not as much pressure in society that men should be the head of the family as there used to be. I am an independent women, but I still feel that my husband should be the head of the household and do the "manly duties."
  • There are both male and female sissies out there. I'd rather not be one of either, and I urge you to do the same. For the purposes of illustration, I have included a photograph of Richard Simmons.
  • Define sissy. One person's perception of a man can differ from another's, it has to do with culture also. In my opinion the American male is more confused then ever about many issues and actually I have seen the opposite of being more manly or as you say a sissy many times. They let their emotions get the best of them and have less control allowing more rage and poor behavior as in drinking and driving, drugs, spousal abuse, then ever before. Although these actions are more stess driven and related then anything else. So is that a sign of being a sissy by letting your emotions get the best of you and acting out as I feel it is? Or is it more macho to act like a immature fool? So maybe yes men today are sissy's but probably not for the reasons and reasoning you are thinking of.
  • Somehow, it always seems that the men I am around are manly men. But many of the men in the media don't seem very manly. And so many women are doing everything that a man can do because they can, and so many men are doing everything that a woman can do because women tell them they have to, that maybe a lot of men think they should be sissies and a lot of women think they should be manly. Maybe they're happier that way. I like when men are manly and I don't like doing manly things just because I can.
  • Yes and women have contracted a rare illness called Boxing Cards
  • Considering how many women have come forward with sexual harassment charges, I'd say men are still very much feeling arrogant and self-entitled.
  • Probably, but it's women's fault. You can't open a door for a woman anymore because apparently she can do it herself and not feel subjucated. You can't ask a woman out to dinner or if she wants to dance without sexually harassing her with your unwelcome sexual advances.
    • Linda Joy
      Ask me! (Waving hand) Ask me!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      You understand what I'm getting at, right Linda? Chivalry is dead now.
    • Linda Joy
      Not all. Some of us still stand prettily by the door of the car until he understands I'd like for him to open it for me. But that would just be on a date and I don't date anymore.
  • Lots have for sure!
  • Maybe some have. I don't follow a trend.
  • Short answer is yes. Men have less testosterone than their father's and their father's had less than those before them.
    • Archie Bunker
      And the boys are being emasculated in the name of political correctness.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Yeah, those damm Meat-heads!
    • Linda Joy
      I agree Archie. I never wanted to be like a man.
  • Nope. Gay "culture" is now largely accepted and it's this that people get confused with as gay men are what is alluded to as being "sissies".
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      When they want to play house, they are sissies.
  • In today's day and age men have certainly softened up the average man does not know how to work in the field in the hot sun for 12 hours picking tomatoes or stacking bales of hay. The average man wouldn't survive very long nowadays in a metal building unloading 50 lb boxes of peppers cucumbers eggplants tomatoes and cabbages all day it gets 120° in there and 20° when it's cold. I'm not going to call them sissies but I am going to say I think today's men need to man up a little bit perhaps some armed service when you turn 18 years old perhaps a mandatory 4 years in work training in the fields.
  • guys these days haven't been taught manners towards women, so they revert to aggressive caveman-like behavior and think that's okay. it's not...
  • Obviously some have...
  • Business wouldn't be business without men being like that. Otherwise, too many cops would be around.
  • No, we don't even use that word in my social circle. Ugh.
  • Not enough....I love being with another man who is a super sissy, flamboyant, anything feminine
  • yes they all need to Get in the Kitchen!! hahah
    • Linda Joy
      Aww man! Nothing hotter than a shirtless sweaty guy with a kitchen towel or a broom in his hand.
  • That's not a very friendly question, I challenge you to a fight of man bags at dawn, and don't forget your skirt, wax, butt plug and tweezers!.

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