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  • Not many but enough, and boy do I wish they had prevented me!
  • Well, if failed means that you did not marry them then there has been over 30. Really bad relationships probably equal 10. I did have some issues opening up, but I learned to accept that they were not the one.
  • I've had two failed relationships that I cared enough about to recall just for the sake of answering this question. Do they keep me from opening up? Not really, but they've definitely sharpened my relationships skills. Everything's a learning experience, right?
  • 2 and they were big ones. because I have only had 3 serious relationships in my life. And yes it did effect the way I approached the next relationship. A little wiser, a little less idealistic and more independent.
  • I don't consider them failures, I consider them feedback LOL Well in marriages alone , I've had 3
  • I had two relationships that didn't work, however I'd only say one of them "failed". And by that, I mean it was miserable for me and the guy was a total A-hole. It all doesn't matter now because I'm finally with "the one" :-D
  • I don't feel as though any of my relationships have been failures. At some point in time they have provided me with happiness and learning opportunities :)
  • Only a few but that's one too many for me. I'm preparing to be alone forever but it's better than getting hurt or screwed over again. The pain is too unbearable
  • None. We broke up, got back together, and are 3 days away from our first anniversary!
  • One real one and a few "almosts". Each and every one has made it harder to trust someone new.
  • i don't think i necessarily failed at any relationship. they didn't end messy and though i don't think it would've made a dif with or without them, i don't necessarily have any regrets for it. as far as opening up to somebody new and all that jazz, i'm very very wary of trusting men in anything more than just friends. i'm guarded of my emotions. that's not to say i'm a cold hard person, but i'm...choosy on who to spend my emotions with if that makes any sense
  • I've only been in one failed relationship 3 years ago, and I have been in one since.
  • Four. Yes. Age has something to do with it also. Don't care anymore.
  • Five..And up to now I can't find the right one for me..:(
  • So far, all but one of my relationships have failed. However, I do not let that stand in the way of opening up my heart to someone new. After all, nothing ventured nothing gained.
  • Just one and that lasted about 22 years. Basicsally you just move on and jump back on the horse.
  • I have bombed two relationships but I still got back on the horse and found the man of my dreams. It does take some time though, after you've been disappointed before, to completely let another person into your heart.
  • 2 serious relationships that failed. It is much harder to trust a man but i still have that hope that who ever he is will find me or I will :)
  • I had about 5 failed relationships. I'm 30. I feel like that is too much,and that I keep choosing the wrong guys. It feels like I'll never open up again. And the truth is that I love being a partner. Life will go on, no matter what. :*
  • I've had 5 failed relationships. I do not regret any, But I have been left very very hurt from each one of them. I try learning from each relationship but I fall again and again. I really don't know how I'm doing it but I'm trying really hard to move on, and its very difficult. I'm still under a lot of pain, but I've learned to be alone because loneliness sometimes does you some good. You can think and take care of yourself when you're alone, and enjoy life without having to depend fully on someone. But the bad part is the more time you spent alone the more you're going to start wanting some company and love, a special feeling that not everyone can give to you. I haven't found that feeling yet, but I have and I've seen lots of happy couples... So, hopefully everyone can have that opportunity. Sometimes I really feel completely out of hope ( like right now ) specially since I'm the only one alone from my group of friends, but some days I feel better and more motivated... it's just the ups and downs of life. I just hope they don't drive me crazy!
  • one serious, i was in love and moved to Minnesota to be with my girl when she moved away for her job, it dindt work out and i havent been serious about a girl since even avoiding women who want a realtionship
  • none. I met my first girlfriend at 23 and married her 4 months later... still maried 6 years later. HOLY CRAP!!! I'm 29!!!!!
  • I have had many. Lost count. I was even engaged once before. It made me stronger each time. They helped me grow mentally. I dont let anyone take advantage of me. I finally left it in God's hands and He brought me somebody AMAZING! Somebody who shares the same ideas and thoughts as i do. I got to know him before I started opening up to Him. I wanted him to understand the real me first.
  • I've only been in five serious relationships. Every single one of those were failures. It does affect me today... I'm to the point where I'm terrified of having a relationship. What's the point if it's going to end like a complete train wreck? It's too much pain.
  • 2 but i dont feel theyre failed some people just arent right for eachother but it was fun while they lasted
  • Not until now. Now I just feel sick. I mean, I will have to be open to someone new...but it hurts.
  • Zero. I married my first relationship, and am still married to him.
  • Ive had about 7 failed relationships, age: just 22. It has become the most defining feature of my life and greatly affected my work and self image. It made me value my family more. It also made me concentrate on what I want from my future, with or without a man. It has made me expect the worst from men. It has also encouraged me to always look my best and keep people guessing.

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