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  • Ihave womdered about this too. But, the "cum shot" is some kind of verification that the sex was for real.
  • I wondered too, a male friend informed me it was so that the man could picture it as his own penis entering the various places
  • they pretend like its them. Just like when i watch the women they totally turn me on and i am 100% straight, its just kinda how things work.
  • You could twist it the other way - if someone gets so uncomfortable watching a man, does that not make him at least a little insecure with his own sexuality? And where do you draw the line? Sports contain incredibly toned men getting pretty handsy with one another. Don't get me wrong, the penis-close-ups are not my favorite parts; I don't go and freeze frame them, but I don't mind it - it's part of the act. As far as the money shots go, holy crap it's so damn hilarious. It's like in Shakespearian plays, there's always comic relief. That's right, I just drew a comparison between Shakespeare and hardcore pornography.
  • Well, that's probably a fair Q there, Freddy. It seems to me that what actually happens in the overall sexual engagement is that in the pre or even foreplay stage, the attention is all on the beauty of the female form, and a dance or stretch out by her would do it nicely, thank you very much. Basically SHE is facilitating him, and inspiring him to great sexual heights [which is physically displayed by his hard on erection]. But the male organ then becomes the dominating, demanding feature in the show once she has raised him. So although the girl's role of facilitation does not actually change, the visual focus and attention shifts to the demanding feature of the show - his powerful penis. For me, the part the hetero enjoys seeing is her; but he would also enjoy seeing that the girl has brought him to some fruition and has satisfied her part in completing his act for him. Obviously, I am just dealing here with the male satisfaction, which was the topic you were addressing. In reality, of course, the girl needs as much pleasure and satisfaction as she is capable of also.
  • When I watch porn I usually do a running commentry like they do for football players. He dribbles, he's dribbling and now he shoots!! Goal!!
  • From the viewpoint of a man who was once addicted to porn, all I can say is that when you see the porn, it gives you a certain "rush" or "high." It becomes like a drug that you can never get enough of and always want to have it more and more explicit. Just as some take drugs or alcohol and don't have a problem with it, some do. I also had a problem with drugs and alcohol as well. Some people just have the propensity to have these kind of addictions that according to alot of research are chemically induced in the brain. Those who are not tormented with these kind of addiction really cannot understand. They have no real standard of comparison. It is why only an alcoholic can truly understand another alcoholic or why only a porn addict can only identify with another porn addict and not be understood by society in general. It's not simply you see just a penis or a vagina and if you like one or the other you are a homo or a hetero. It's the whole damn movie--it creates an excitement, an arousal, a chemical high that you want more and more of until you climax and get a "temporary stay" as they say in the legal profession. I hope all who read this gain a little bit more understanding and compassion toward those who have this problem. Porn practically ruined my life--it affected my marriage, my work, my relationship with God and my family. Trust me a porn addict is not happy--he is miserable. He is trapped in this flesh and blood body and literally enslaved to do what it wants. It is almost like one loses all control. Thank God I was able to overcome that entrapment. Without returning to the God who loved me and set me free, I would be dead today.
    • hona
      good for you. how did do that? I mean how could you give it up?
  • Not sure just what "wholly heterosexual" means to you. Watching us with other men turns on probably most men. It makes us more valuable and desirable to them that other men are interested in us. In groups most men are capable of more and going on longer than just by themselves because their level of arousal from the continual activity is higher. And some men have a proprietary feeling toward us - like if we are really theirs they can share us with others if they want. All this contributes to it . They enjoy watching each other with us but they are focusing on us - our response and the other guys are mostly a way of heightening that. Hope I have explained that correctly.
  • They can enjoy it as heterosexuals because they enjoy seeing a woman pleasured. And they can imagine it being their penis when watching a woman being penetrated. Take the woman out of equation and it suddenly won't be so arousing for them to look at a naked man.
    • officegirl
      Yes and hearing us. I've noticed that when my orgasms come most or all men around me get erections. So they are focusing not on one another but on us as each heightens our enjoyment.

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