• Honesty, respect, and putting 100% in a relationship and getting 100% of it back
  • I'd say loyalty but at this point, I'd settle for a nice guy with a full time job
  • A partner himself?
  • Loyalty, willingness to communicate, ability to express emotion, honesty, sense of humor ~ the bottom line is that I'm more than willing to give 100%+ to a relationship which is why I feel justified in expecting the same in return. However, I'm still single if that tells you something! LOL Still looking!
  • Real love, the kind that endures sickness, frailty, mistakes, and personal preferences, and is willing to have an occasional meeting of the minds that resolves differences with an agreeable compromise. If someone is always treating you like it's too much trouble to be nice when you are just being yourself, that's not love, that is them hoping to get something from you and willing to tolerate some of you in order to get it. If they end up not getting whatever it is they had intended, they will show you eventually with impatience, ridicule and outright disgust. (I know)
  • Honestly, trust, attraction, humour, security.
  • You asked for one. Adaptability.
  • For me, it's compassion. I was blessed and got a wife with lots of it.
  • For me- Communication, respect, honesty, attraction and most importantly, love.
  • I want to find the guy that I love like no other. I want to find the guy that I'm willing to care about and love for who he is. I want to find the guy I'm willing to appreciate no matter how much he changes. I want to find the guy that I'm willing to 'give and not expect anything in return'. I want to find the guy I'm willing to be there for when he is sick. I want to find the guy I'm willing to love even if he gets older and has grey/white hair and goes blind. I want to find the guy I'm willing to love even if he gets in an accident and loses an arm or leg and gets disfigured. I want to find the guy that I like talking to. I want to find the guy whose company I enjoy. I have found that guy. He is currently my boyfriend. I love him. My final answer to your question is as follows: True love, acceptance, trust, communication, appreciation, honesty, and forgiveness are all important when you are looking for a life partner. There are probably other things that I have left out, but these are important to me.
  • a pulse
  • Mutual respect for each other.
  • Someone whom you respect right now and who respects you and accepts you and your love totally, someone you can talk to and who is always willing to listen to you and not try to do everything for you. And the person needs to be this way NOW, not something you can change or want to fix. If you can also find someone who is honest above all, shares your same values and goals, a good forgiver and patient and you mirror those qualities as well, then all will be wonderful.
  • someone who is first and foremost your best friend.
  • Friendship, trust, and physical and emotional attraction. (And, ahem, great sex)
  • "High tolerance"
  • TRUST!!

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