• I have taken ketamine. You will be well past in my experence a normal "trip" experence, people who are not well aquainted with using halucinagenic drugs and not ok with themselves can find this to be terrifying. This drug has caused dependency. You will loose most to all motor function, that which you do not loose you may not be in control of (if you are shooting for the K hole) Discomfort and Vomiting (I ralphed) are common, You could choke. This drug really physically and emotionally rocks you be carefull.
  • I have known people that have taken K for long periods to begin to lose color vision and get hearing impairement unless they are on K but if they stop taking it it goes back to normal in a few months. also it is bad for your kidneys and can cause them to bleed into your urine if you take a lot at one time or for long periods, i know several people this has happened to. also nose infections are common as many of the people I know take it by snorting. it definitely one of those marmite drugs people either love it or hate it.
  • never take ketamine when on alcohol. i have only k holed (i am not sure what people on the net class as a k hole but my definition is when you take too much wake up an hour or two later after doing a load of stupid shit and seeing things that are not their then forgetting about it) 2 times and that was because of the booze and ket not mixing well. ketamine can cause confusion and give people and urge to do something they dont really even want to do when on it. long term effects are damage to the nervous system. also confusion and a cloudy mind outside of being on ket can occur if you constantly abuse it. however if you discontinue to use the drug these ebb away over the course of a few weeks.
  • i have taken ketamine for 4 yr solid, i am having to have a bladder reconstruction because of it, it has totally rotted and ruined my bladder, it is causing me to be in lots of pain all the time and urinating every few minutes it has ruined my life ! it is very addictive i dnt care what anybody says it is ! when i first started taking ketamine the littlest amounts would send me wild all sorts of wierd things would happen leading me into a k hole , this is where you have not got a clue and the maddest of things happen, the room changes size, u can be watchin films n thinking your actually in them, there are lots of times i have been scared by it but not cos i have been on it that long i get no effects just a fuzzy head, i am having to take over a gram a time for it to actually do anything ! take my advice n stop taking it ! before it does something bad to you
  • It makes your judgement go out the door. That should say it all. It is addictive and makes you very high.

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