• I dont have an answer to your question because UK laws are different, I think it is two cars distance, but what I do when someone is right up my backside is put my headlights on which puts my tail lights on and gives the impression of me braking hard, it's amazing how fast they pull back :o))
  • Use the two second rule - pick an object on the side of the road that the back bumper of the car just passed. Your front bumper should not reach that object for at least two seconds.
  • When I could see the person's face as if it's in my back seat.
  • Since the driving regulations are different in every state and country, here's how you find out. type "driving regulations - (where you live)" into your search box. You will find the answer for your area there.
  • As was already stated, this varies by state law. Some states don't define a distance and just say you need to have enough space to stop. Other states have specific car lengths or distances.

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