• Most likely no...the person who did the 'forcing' would be considered the rapist. Sorry to be crass but the other man would just be an instrument used to perform the rape.
  • Yes. The plea that "I was forced to do it" has never held up in court. Remember the Nuremburg Trials? But the court isn't always the highest source of morality and reasoning.
  • I didn't see this movie you reference, seems a bit to violent for my taste from the plot summary. If I was a guy and someone was holding a gun to my head telling me I had to assault someone, I would take the bullet instead.
  • Sadly, in the Congo sons are forced to rape their own mother's. And many husbands will abandon wives who've been raped. No, I don't consider forced rape the fault of either victims, but that of the perpetrator.
  • Yes. As the term is used for a person who has forced themselves sexually upon another. Whether they would be prosecuted fully for it is a different legal matter. If you kill someone in the street in your country then you're a murderer and prosecuted. You join the army as a contractor and kill someone in the street in a different country you're a murderer, but not prosecuted.

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