• DC. First Rule of Comics: Superman always wins. Always.
  • I would definitely say Superman since he just beats the crap out of everyone in every movie I've ever seen with him in it. In Superman Doomsday he even comes back from the dead, and how do you beat the man who never gives up and can't be killed? Kryptonite maybe but there are ways he can get rid of that (heat vision, lead suits). I don't think Superman can be beat so therfore DC wins in my opinion.
  • DC wins but Superman is not there best guy in my honest opinion. True he is powerful and invincible but there is one man who can stop him beside Batman(which don't get me started on him) and that is Green Lantern. GL can use the powerring against him as it is a type of magic, and Superman's two weaknesses are Kryptonite and magic.
  • DC - hands down

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