• To get the perfect answer, i suggest calling your state department of labor, workers' comp division. Basically, if you are still working at a job that is covered by wc, you should be covered. Whether retirement age or not, an injury will cost you money and affect your income. Wc is set up to protect the worker. Your state DOL will no doubt be helpful; they want you to be okay. When i had a work comp claim, they helped me more than i ever could have expected. Hope it works out.
  • You're welome. Now is when the work begins. He has a lot of planning to do. One question is whether he will qualify for Social Security. If his only income has ben WC, chances are he hasn't been contributing to SS. About this time of year he will receive a statement from SS telling him what his projected payments are at 62 and 66-1/2. Besides checking with Department of Labor (DOL), he is smart to check with SS and start planning now for his future. Whatever the case, unless he has a large inheritance coming, one of the very wisest things to do is to put money away each month. In 20 years, he can, with careful management, have something to live on. (Remember i'm not a professional; you need exact information.) If he's not working, at some point WC will likely end. He may or may not get SS. These are things he needs to find out now. After he knows what various government agencies will do, he can plan to care for himself. I suggest not relying on the government for support til the end of his days. While this isn't pleasant, it's the harsh reality. It's hard enough to live on WC, let alone save money, but if he wants any kind of life into old age, he needs to do it. For you, i suggest encouraging him the best you can and support his efforts to live simply now in order keep eating and staying dry in the years to come. Yes, this can be a tough situation. Still, there's hope. Most importantly, don't give up. You can do it.

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