• yes they are.
  • I would think so, if they commit themselves to each other there is no difference to a man and a women committing to each other :o)
  • They can be, just as anyone else.
  • The ones I know are, certainly.
  • Probably more so, since they need to prove that they going to make it as a "REAL" couple. :o)
  • I think so. I don't think commitment levels are decided upon lifestyle. People are either committed to one another or they are not whether they are Gay or Straight.
  • I would think that it wouldn't be more or less than straight couples.
  • Most of the ones I know are... I know gay couples who are less committed, but many straight couples I know aren't very committed either. I think that commitment levels have less to do with the orientation of the couple and more to do with how they define what it means to be in a long term relationship.
  • what's the difference? i kno heteros who have a 2 month rule and gays who are committed, and then again i know couples who've been together forever it seems and are still going strong i wouldn't think that it made a difference honestly
  • we've been together 20+ years we're very brother in law and his partner are away on a cruise right now celebrating their in answer to your question..I'd say 'yes'.
  • Of course. What with all the discrimination and bigotry such couples have to overcome, I would think they would have to be 200% committed! :o)
  • There are gay couples that are even more committed to each other than the average straight couple.
  • Looking at some of the questions here I wonder if all straight couples are as committed as they should be ?, I don't see how being gay or straight changes the level of commitment to be honest :-)
  • absolutely! I know many LGBT couples that have been together for years. As soon as it's legal in the states to do so, my partner and I plan to get married (we'll be together 4 years in May).
  • I would think that the same percent are just as commited as the percent of straight couples that are commited to each other. Not all straight couples are commited, and it is a safe bet that neither are all gay couples.
  • I'm gay, but uncoupled at the moment. I know a couple who've been together 45 yrs.
  • These are one of the things in life even statisticians can't compare!
  • of course. but don't you think your setting the bar too low?
  • Personally, I think they may be more committed in the sense that the emotional connection can be deeper. Im not comparing to ALL straight couples...just my experiences.
  • Well, considering the commonly disregarded fact that gays are people too, it depends on the people in the relationship, just the same as any hetero relationship.
  • You know what i think? I think that the people who dont support the gays and lesbians are the people who are to self centered, and ignorant to accept that maybe this world is just as much gay as it is straight! you cant go to one town or city without meeting a gay/lesbian couple/person. Its the world we live in. People should just accept the fact that straight isnt the only love around anymore. If two women or two men love eachother then i think they should have the right to get married. Love is such a wonderful thing and if two hearts (no matter what the gender) feel love for eachother nobody should keep them apart. Its human nature. And if people say that god made us for who we are today...then we only have god to blame right?? I'm 18 and have been in love with this girl for 3 years. We have been so wonderful. Its a love that you know can last forever, and will. So to answer your question, yes gay couples are just committed as a straight couples are. The only difference is two gays/lesbos cant make a kid. You still have the same beating heart just like everyone, you have eyes, and a nose, and hands and feet. You cant look at someone and be like he's/she's gay...its hard to know who is who. Thats why we are all the same, just different on who we love.
  • Alright, I'm thinking of a word. It's a very commonly used word of the affirmative type. It begins with "y". :p Oh, and it's the answer to this question.
  • I spent 20 years in a gay relationhip and would still be in it if he had not been killed by a car. We were there for each other and needed no other. Certainly not in our bedroom.
  • I lived 20 years until death took us apart. Yes I believe we can be just as commited. We can also be just as honest when it comes to love. The gay men and women that are in honest relationships do not go to bars and live in villages but rather in a comon community. I find that many gay people do not feel secure unlesss they are part of the gay crowd.
  • yes :) they can, it just depends on who it is. I've seen loong lasting gay relationships, and short lived str8 relationships, and vice a versa.

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