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  • OK, there are a few questions there, let's deal with them one at a time - Why isn't alcohol illegal? Well, if you check US history, the sale and distribution of alcohol WAS illegal during Prohibition. Right now, I'd say there are too many businesses tied up in the manufacture and distribution of alcohol to ever go that way again - distilleries, bars, liquor stores, etc. etc. Is drinking alcohol dangerous? Yes, when not done in moderation. Is smoking pot dangerous? Same answer, though there are those that say just doing it at all is dangerous, whereas there are studies that say a small amount of red wine a day helps certain body systems. Why is marijuana illegal? Because it is not regulated nor accepted as much as alcohol. Because it makes people utter random "sentences" without punctuation or proper grammar. :o)
  • it's all about the money. alcohol producers and distributors have a vested interest in alcohol being legal. the drug cartels and drug enforcement agencies have a vested interest in marijuana staying illegal. you don't think both have lobbiest making sure it stays illegal think about it. legalizing marijuana would put them both out of business. ironic when you cut to the chase they are both on the same side, huh?
  • In California marijuana is legal on a state level but the federal laws prohibit it. |All you have to do is get a prescription from a doctor and u can go to a medical marijuan clinic and buy some weed. NOTE: be careful some Medical marijuana clinics are getting raidded not by the state but by the federal government agencys like the DEA

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