• Yeah when I was in grade school, my teacher hit my palm with a ruler because I was too noisy. Lasting effect? I think none. I'm a "move on" kind of person.
  • Sure I did. Don't remember what for, it was a long time ago, but I got the paddle a couple times. I thought about stuff before I did it knowing that would be what I'd get! We could still get the paddle in high school, and there were the few boys who seemed proud of getting it as often as possible, but not many. Now a days the kids get suspended all the time, and those kids are the one's whos parents are too wrapped up in their own lives, so the kids don't get grounded or anything, they just sit around and smoke their parents dope and hand out with the rest of their suspended friends. I had to spend time in my daughters jr. high (which was once my high school) and I couldn't believe how hostile it was in there. Kids ran and screamed and swore at teachers and taunted each other and were so out of control. And this was in the suburbs! And it was also the reason we moved a few hours away from that area. Now my daughter's friends from there (all around 14) only talk about how much sex they have and the drugs they do. Mainly because nobody gets punished and runs free. My daughter was very upset when we moved, but now she see what idiots those kids are, and is much happier here! Sorry to ramble, but it's a huge sore spot with me. I still think if kids were worried about what kind of punishment they'd get (especially if it was painful!) they might think twice!
  • I received swats twice in grade school. I don't remember why in either case. Having never lived my life without the swats, I can't say if they changed me or not. I don't seem to have become a sociopath, though, so it can't have hurt me too much.
  • Actually, yes...I was paddled in the first grade (what can I say? I was a hellion ;) My then teacher, Miss Whitesides, paddled me for sticking my tongue out at another child who had stuck his tongue out at me first. Since she did not see him (he had his back to her) and she DID see me, I was the one who got into trouble. I can remember crying at my desk afterwards because the boy who had started the whole thing sat there laughing at me. To make matters worse, Miss Whitesides flatly refused to listen to me when I tried to tell her that he had started it. It was only later that she found out from some of the other students that I had been telling the truth. As far as any lasting effects are concerned, well...I hated her for doing that to me, especially in front of everyone, and then adding insult to injury by not listening to me. She apologized the incident later on but by then, it was far too late. My opinion of her never changed and I let her know it on the very last day of school. I really wish that teachers and parents alike would stop to think before they enforce corporal punishment, mainly to make sure they have all the facts and that the punishment fits the "crime." How much happier I would have been if my teacher had done that....
  • When I was in jr high and high school I perferred getting licks over dentention and I got them alot. Didn't seem to effect me much one way or the other
  • I always took the licks because they didn't normally hurt. We had a 105 pound assistant principal who used to think she paddled hard. She didn't. The most I got was 7 licks because I started laughing half way through. It might have been the fact that I was stoned, i don't really know. Licks had no lasting effect on me whatsoever. As a teacher I always advocated against the licks because the kids would take it and move on. There was no time to think and reflect. My worst punishment was In School Suspension.
  • Yes I had the slipper and cane several times always on the bottom. Usually it was for sloppy work etc but one time a couple of friends and I slipped out of bounds to let off french bangers in a field next door. Needless to say we were caught and sent to the headmaster. We all had to bend over and got six of the best with the slipper. Although it was painful and he never smacked me again I foolishly got into trouble at my next school and had three strokes of the cane on my bum a couple of times. I never wanted that repeated as it was so painful and was gutted when I realised I would get it a second time. I think looking back it did no lasting harm and certainly feel that today schools should bring back the smacks.
  • My hubby got them a LOT. I think he mentioned a ruler on the wrists and a small cane-like thing on the knuckles, depending on the teacher. He always speaks positively about it - he knew when he did something wrong, he was going to have to pay for it. Taught him there were consequences to his actions. Thus, when he wanted to act up, he had to think "Is this going to be worth the cane?" Sometimes, it was. It was an important lesson for him to learn in his life, he believes.
  • I dunno about you and when all that shit ended but if someone tried to hit me with something, I would grab it out of their hands n forget wild out...I mean theoretically there are more students than teachers...
  • The first time at boarding school I got quite often a very severe caning for any kind of disobedience, idleness and lack of concentration. The lady teachers had en extremely good hand with the cane and the welts I could feel at my bottom for days and weeks. Finally I understood it was better to obey and then canings became more and more rare. But the first time it was just hell.
  • Yes I got a lot from school. The first time mistake I did was talking in the class. A few slaps over the pants. I forgot to bring a book for first time.I was knelt down. I was laughing and disturbing the class.A ruler on my knuckles. I repeated the mistakes.Now if I forget to bring a book kneeling down and then a wooden ruler on my back. One day I was talking too much and already had 3-4 warnings. I had to hold my ears and stand in the last bench. Complain to our conduct teacher.She took me to her room.She told me to lie on the bench.She took out an awful cane and spanked over my pants. I repeated the mistake again after a few days.This time she pulled down my pants and spanked over my underwear.I still didn't learn my lesson.I repeated again. So this time I had to pull down my underwear to get a bare bottom spanking. It was painful.She told ,"Cane won't teach you anything.You will continue to repeat. So let me spank you really hard today." I cried and promised not to.But she is not going to get melt by my promises.She took out a belt and spanked me bare bottom until I cried a lot.After that I used to talk less in school.
  • I was rather ... shall we say hyper in school. I got paddled with a big wooden paddle several times. So far as I know, it damaged nothing but my pride. : )

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