• yeah, there should be qualifications that need to be met in order to wear a speedo.
  • No. I don't agree with discriminating against what one may call "ugly". Who would be the one to decide who's "attractive" enough to wear revealing clothing? I'm sorry, it's all or nothing, here. Either you let revealing bathing suits exist and accept the fact you might not approve of everyone who wears them, or outlaw the indecency across the board.
  • if its o.k. for a woman to parade around next to naked its o.k. for a man. make a law like this and you are violating someones rights. this is something that happens in dictatorship countrys.
  • I'm not middle aged but I do wear hipster trunk adidas swimmers underneath my boardies. Would you have a problem I removed the boardies? I'm not fat and try to keep fit by exercising regularly.
  • Umm no. People shouldn't be judged on their looks, age, hairiness, physique and choice of swimwear. Provided said men aren't breaking any existing laws of indecent exposure, leave them be to enjoy their swim. Anyone who doesn't like the view isn't forced to look...
  • ONLY if there's a corresponding law against "ugly, middle aged, hairy, fat WOMEN wearing thongs!" But then, WHO decides the definition of "ugly"? What's ugly rather than "strange"? If those laws went into effect, some of those in this answer should be arrested IMMEDIATELY:
  • Personally, I think speedos should be outlawed. I don't even think they look good on the most fit person; they're just awful.

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