• No. A "cheap" hearing aide runs hundreds of dollars (500 to 900) A "good" hearing aide runs in the thousands of dollars. Hearing aides do not just increase the volume for the hearer, there is a test which tests the hearing at many frequencies (tones) and a hearing aide is special made and programmed to increase the volume of the range that the hearing impaired has trouble with. Further, hearing aides require a lot of care, the patient has a semi-long period of time to adjust to the hearing aide and must be able to reason enough to keep the thing in the ear. Most hearing aide wearer will tell you that the device is a horror to wear, since it does not filter out unwanted sounds it picks up everything like the rustle of paper which magnified sound of that kind can be a huge irritant.
  • Yes.
  • No. You can train a cat by stomping on the floor with one foot so it feels the vibration or flicking the overhead lights on and off which alerts the cat and you dont scare it by your approach.
  • not that i know of

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