• It's a preference thing. Some people find different things attractive. That's like asking why people find anyone attractive.
  • i think hes awsome for challenging people's views on everything
  • Cause he is sooo asexual. Like ... he is "human". A combination of both sexes.
  • I think it because he tends to attract a group of people that have never had a good parental example or have never been shown true love. It could be the chemical imbalance as well. It's debatable.
  • it must be his boobs.
  • A lot of people are suddenly sexy when they are sitting on a s**load of money.
  • WHAT????? I've never met anyone who thought he was sexy. Am I really that oblivious?
  • I think he's smart, I thought I was the only one to think that the bible was pretty hypocritical until I came across one of Manson's interviews. It was creepy that I actually have a lot in common with Manson and I never knew it! I find him attractive not only because of that but also because the dark side is so much more tempting to me, it's like a good vs evil thing for me. Put me in a room with a good christian vs a bad boy and I know who I'm going home with!!
  • Sexy??!!?? no way mate, he is ugly as sin, probably got a great personality but he'd give me a migraine if i had to stare at that freaky face, even without makeup he looks wierd :)
  • I think it's because he hates God, and anyone who hates God will naturally be drawn to someone who will hate Him openly before thousands of adoring fans.
  • I can only speak for the reverse. I'm a guy, and while I'm not immediately attracted to the goth/punk type girls, there is something very alluring about them when combined with intelligence, regardless if they're hot or not
  • Thanks!! I'm very much into goth guys, they listen to you and they're very smart and attractive, independent too. All those triats are important to me because I consider myself pretty intelligent so I could never date a dumb ass basically. Also in case you haven't noticed I tend to talk a lot, I'm always thinking and researching and I love to share my views, if they stay bottled up in my head then they just get recycled and I'm re-thinking them all over again. So listening is important, independence is important because I want a guy who can answer for himself, thinks things through to the end result and the consequences but is impulsive and just doesn't care. Marilyn Manson? He represents all of that for me and that's why he's so attractive!!
  • Because of everything that he is. His looks his personality everything. the fact that he questions things that everyone already accepts. He's just awsome and inspiring. I love Marilyn Manson! :)

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