• I am the middle child in both families (my parents are divorced). I don't feel that my siblings were loved more by my parents...but I still feel as though they are "looked at" differently than I am. If that makes any sense at all...
  • I am a middle child and do not feel less loved, but when it came to getting stuff I always got screwed. My older brother got new clothes because he was first to that size and I got his hand-me-downs, but by the time I got done with the clothes they were worn out and my little brother got new clothes.
  • Middle or second children always believe they are second best. It is inevitable. And true in many ways. The firstborn is a special child, and was the only child for so long, the one upon whom the parents poured all their first parenting skills on. When you become a parent yourself, you realise this, even as a second born. If, however, you let it get to you, you might like to talk it out with a counsellor.
  • Ooops should have posted in the comments...
  • No,I am the middle of 5 boys,and never had more or less love then the others.My parents,now in their mid eighties are always fair to each of us and respected our talents and personalities.
  • Yes and yes
  • I am the middle, but I am also the first girl! The baby of the family is also a girl. We have 3 boys. We were all loved the same by our parents. We have wonderful parents!
  • I am the middle child, and yes, they definitely love my siblings more... And i hope i could be a much much more better parents then they were to me...
  • No I'm the 8th one. Yes, my parents used to love and respect a lot about my older brother(because in our family he's the one studied( Law) a lot that's why) and they used to love my youngest one a lot too.(now parents are passed away)now everybody got married.

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