• well after they've finished here in shropshire send the army over there to help with the sandbaggin. Seriousy....I sympathise with them as their gvmnt is probably doing as much as our gvmnt is doing to help the flood victims....F**K all !!!!...sorry mum needed to get that of my ample bossom....tough couple of days at work due to flooding...but loved your question x
  • to be quite honest there is really 'sweet FA ' we can do about it excepy help them plan to get ready to move 'lock stock and barrel' to a place of their choice ... this is where my country Australia should be there helping our Pacific friends and offering them a place to come to
  • Do I think we can save the island? No. Do I think we can help the people relocate. Yes, definitely.
  • I've never heard of this island, but if I lived there I'd be gathering my coconuts & getting the flock out of there.n Perhaps some international aid group could help with placement.

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