• Ick! Yes.
  • Try sitting in the back seat of a car and have your dad in the front seat spitting out the window and I bet you will agree it is NASTY!
  • These days? Yes.
  • Less gross than smoking it.
  • Yes. If people cannot smoke in public places they should not be able to chew tobacco in public places. And if they have bad breath they should not be allowed to breathe in public places. And if their children are turds they should not be allowed to take them out in public. And if they do not agree with my particular point of view they should not be allowed to speak. And if anyone does not like the color of their car they should not be allowed to drive it. Let's take POLITICAL CORRECTNESS to the APEX. LET the LIBERALS WIN!!!!!!!
  • Yep..thats pretty :)
  • Yes most assuredly!! Not only is it disgusting, it also may cause serious mouth problems and stains your teeth!
  • My father used to chew tobacco and spit it into a plastic cup which he would keep sitting on the floor near the T.V. and video game systems. As a child, I several times nearly vomited because I picked up this cup to drink from it (since it looked exactly like the rest of the plastic cups they gave me to drink from) only to be greeted by the nauseating smell of halitosis and tobacco. It was also often knocked over and spilled over the entire floor, making the living room smell just wonderful, as you can imagine. So, the answer is, yes, it's very disgusting.
  • Beats the hell out of swallowing it. I guess.
  • Better than swallowing. Or not.
  • I know it is a bad. But if you have to do it you should be clean about it. use a cup, can, or something like that.
  • I think spitting (in public) is gross. Doesn't matter what you are spitting.
  • yes but i think spitting spit is gross too. lol

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