• No. Let me repeat that. Absolutely not. I am almost illiterate in geography.
  • Most definitely and absolutely, no. I doubt I could find my own country on a map...well. I maybe could but that's about it ;)
  • Oh yeah. I have a globe on top of my hard disk. Many of my "serious" Answerbag questions are also about various places around the world.
  • I love geography and know where most places in the world are.I learned from another ABer about where under the subject title on the site you type in geography.It takes you to a skill game to pick out countries,capitals,historic places in the entire world.You learn where everything is and have fun as well.
  • haha no rubbish at geography i though new zealond was in america! (im from England)...i also thought reindeer are make beleive so... :D
  • Yup. :D Always good at it in school, still interested now. And compared to the people geographical surveys have been taken on in my country, I'm a veritable genius.
  • Maybe for usual AB standards as far as the US are concerned. My speciality is rather Europe...
  • Of course I do. See who got the highest score to this geography game. My answer is amongst one of the answers to this question:
  • No. I'm on my high school quiz bowl team (like Jeopardy on teams) and that is the only reason I have even a decent understanding of geography. The arts are my specialty.
  • LOL! The complete opposite! I seem to want to believe that places are where I think that they sound like they should be! That's usually nowhere near where they really are!
  • Yes,i know that NYC is the capital of Canada
    • Army Veteran
      And Chicago is the capital of Illinois.
    • Coolgame24
      Yes lol
  • No. I know most of the states in the U.S., but I suck at world geography. I thought Egypt was in the middle east instead of Africa. haha
  • I've loved looking at maps since I was a youngster...but I'm not what **I** would call a "buff". More like an interested amateur.
  • I've traveled to all 48 of the contiguous United States, 7 provinces of Canada (within 300 miles of the arctic circle), Switzerland, and Germany (East and West when they were separated). Does that make me a geography buff? Perhaps.
  • I liked it in HS, but so many countries have come into existence and renamed since then. I know one thing, if I ever got on Jeopardy, I'd have to seriously study geography if I wanted to win. Most of the questions involve geography in some capacity.
  • I get most of the answers right on "Jeopardy".
  • Yes. I can answer most of the Qs on "Jeopardy".
  • I answer most Qs on Jeopardy correctly.
  • Yes. I'm pretty good and I answer most of the Qs on Jeopardy.

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