• Irritate them to make them red...thats the only one I know. I think you are out of luck. Love what god or genetics gave you.
  • You can enhance the less visible colors of your eyes with what you wear, or makeup you apply. You can't CHANGE the color of your eyes. Embrace what you have!
  • besides being possessed by Satan and getting red demon eyes aout of the deal, I think you are SOL....Shit outta luck. Love what ya got! You can always work with your eyecolor by experimenting with how the color clothes you wear make your eye color appear and super duper makeup tricks...
  • Some peoples eye color changes depending on the colors in their surroundings. Mine are green if I'm seeing lighter colors for an extended period of time or brown when in typical or dark colored areas. The clothes you wear for clothing isn't enough to lighten or darken your eye color unless you spend ALOT of time looking at them; and even if it works the effect would be very temporary.

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