• I'd ask outright, "I'm sorry. What was you name again?" and then "I can't place where we've met."
  • "I am so sorry but I just can't recall where I know you from"
  • I admit that I have trouble with names and faces and ask who they are and how they are connected to me. I do it politely, but place the blame completely on me.
  • Make out i've fainted.
  • lies all lies everyone knows that it is embarrassing to forget someone so you just go along with it and hope it comes to you later.
  • I would tell that i had an accident and have amnesia.
  • i had a head injury in january and messed up my memory. so this happens all the time. i also teach sports so i meeet hundreds of people. i usually just smile and go along with it. then eventually just tell them i've forgotten their name.
  • Better immediately say: "I must have a senior moment. Please refresh my memory who you are."
  • I either admit with a brief apology that I have misplaced their neam, or if I am with someone I have tried introducing the friend I am with like this is ... and wait for them to say their name ... Not the most honest way, but true.
  • That happened to me the other day, I just acted like i knew who he was, and he finnished saying something that made me remember who he was !
  • That has happened to me many times, especially with people who know your family and you when you were a child. I usually tell them I remember their face but can't recall their name(if that is the case) or ask them to tell me who they are. Chances are they are happy to do so.
  • I used to try to hide it, but I've decided over the years that it is better to be honest. I have fibromyalgia, and brain fog is part of the syndrome. My theory is simple, pain is very distracting and its hard to pay full attention to things. I wake up in pain every morning and it takes a long time to get awake and focused because of it. So I don't remember everything I should. Nowadays, I just say something along the lines of "I'm sorry, I have some memory issues. I know I know you, but I can't place you in context, can you help me?" Most people are good natured and don't take offense. The ones that do take offense probably are probably a bit too self focused for my tastes anyway.
  • Been there done this. I just say " I think I must be dementing. I know I know you but I cant for the life of me remember how"
  • That has happened to me quite often , my family is so large and widespread. I wrack my brain to try to come up with a name but a lot of the time these people know me but I do not know them anyway. They are just friends of members of my family. In the past I have apologised for not knowing a persons name and it turns out I have never met them anyway.
  • no good being evasive about it ,you have to tell them that you just have no idea who they are and then they tell you and then you still have no idea who they are ,then what it did happen to me ,and i maintain still i never knew that person they may have known me by sight only or i may have been at a party i was at or i was with one of there friends ,it happens.
  • as i always do.. this tends to happen to me often. i just ask.. im sorry but who are you? or like how do i know you and it alwasys turnes out to be an uncle or something and they always say.. " well last time i saw you, you were only a baby. i see youve grown up"
  • wing it, sooner or later it'll register, or they wont notice you cant remember them
  • I'd honestly confess that I had forgotten their name, apologize, and keep on moving!!!
  • i just tell them that i don't remember them and ask them their name...
  • this happpens to me on an almost daily basis as i have prosopagnosia. most people who know me are aware of this so they just tell me who they are
  • I don't even try to play that. I say I'm sorry but I just don't remember you.
  • You go along with the conversation and call him the "nearest" name you can place (usually John). He'll correct you of course and then you make your apologies and say he looks really like a guy named John at your workplace.
  • i would just ask them their name

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