• Unfortunately beer, but I have absolutely nothing to base that on.
  • It depends on which type of alcoholic you are. Alcohol is alcohol and it actually makes no difference. Beer.....rednecks Bourbon......non-rednecks
  • I used to think beer was less classy..boy was I wrong. There are some really excellent beers available these days. All it takes is to visit a brewery/restaurant, sample some of their product, and I think you'll be amazed..and that doesn't even touch the product from other countries. I'm pretty sure that there are many more types of beer available than there are bourbons..among them, as with anything else, there is the low end of the scale and the high end. Just my opinion..of course! :)
  • Beer. I'd say drunk and beer goggling is about as tacky as one could get.
  • I think it depends on the person drinking it.
  • In what context? The drinks themselves or the effect they have? I'd have to admit that I have had some pretty embarrassing moments with bourbon. Bourbon is simply sickening after a few to many. Lets say beer is traditional and bourbon is for pirates! Beer wins - it's got class!
  • Beer, but Bourbon can make you do stupid stuff as well, beware!!!
  • If it's good beer, then I think bourbon is less classy. Bourbon is so limited and is always just bourbon to me.

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