• respect, opportunity, and pay
  • I am a stay at home mom to my children. I love the job and whats important to me about this job is that its me raising them, not a daycare. I can be there for them, I dont have to say "sorry I cant see your ballgame, I have to work" When they are sick, I can comfort them, giving them my full attention. This also frees me up more for my time with my husband instead of us trying to schedule time together around our jobs. I have nothing against working mothers. I very much understand why they do. And I know they love their kids just as much as those who choose to stay home.
  • Although I'm unemployed currently, I like work that is productive, where I can see the results of my efforts, and also, I like a work environment where I am appreciated by my coworkers, where my being there makes a difference.
  • You can find answers reading these posts - Some tips: The growth potential The scope of the profession A stable job To keep me up on the cutting edge of technologies. A job may enhance my professional experience.

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