• There's always more to be learned.
  • Goodness! I don't think I'll EVER learn everything about my computer! Even if I tried there are WAY too many things to fit into my head! I know the basics but all the other details...well, let's just say I let someone else handle those things. :â—‹Þ
  • I seriously doubt that I know all there is to know, but I can't remember the last time I learned something knew about my computer.
  • I agree with Avallach. A computer has millions of things to be learned. From destroying a virus from its roots to CMD command prompts. The computer cannot be learned. It takes years and years to gain SOME knowledge. So no. I do not know all there is to learn.
  • computer moron here-lol-didnt play with one till i was 48 and only have been at it for a couple of years--i have a long ways to go before i even get the basics down---good question-take two and enjoy the night
  • i have played around with them since i was a kid but i dont know everything about them. some of the stuff that they taught me in school i wish i could remember cause it was some pretty cool stuff but with all the new software out i cant remember everything
  • i doubt if anyone will ever knowEVERYTHING but i am sure there is'nt anything that cant be found out.
  • Still learning. For Christmas I got a 35mm slide scanner (and I'm learning to do that) and a turntable to capture the music of old LPs and burn it to CDs (and I'm learning to do that).
  • 2-3-2017 It's not so much that I'm still learning, it's more a case of stuff is still being invented faster than one person can keep up with it. For instance, people have gone bonkers about passwords, so netizens are inventing password managers. I tried one, After I got through the setup and started using it I noticed that the program can't comprehend that I have two email addresses. It keeps plugging in the #1 address, and when I change it to the #2 address, Dashlane wants to change the database to that one. Another problem was my debit card number. Any time I typed it, Dashlane stored it. The next time I went to a site, Dashlane blabbed everything it knew about me before I could stop it. So any site that has an invisible box designated for a card # gets it, automatically, instantly, and I am robbed, automatically, instantly. I deleted that sucker immediately. When I complained to customer service, they couldn't understand the part about "two email addresses". Just didn't know what I meant by that.
  • Still learning new things, and when I retire this XP Pro computer for its replacement (Win7 Pro), I'll mostly be starting from square one. "Oh bother" said Winnie The Pooh.
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      After replacing your computer, how many weeks until you have to replace it again with an operating system that is still supported?
  • As long as there are "tweaks" there's no such thing as "knowing everything there is to know."
  • you are always at the tip of the iceberg
  • Most ppl only know about 10% of what it can do.
  • don't waste time reading about things that aren't relevant to you no one knows all there is to know about computers. I remember dos it was all but dead by the time i got my head around it.
  • Now that they DON'T ship manuals with operating systems (unlike the good old days), I don't know the ins and outs of the OS. The same is true for any relatively high-end program (office software, audio and video editors, etc.) USUALLY lacking a manual, I (therefore) lack the ability to attain relatively quick and complete understanding of the full capabilities of any program or OS.

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