• Normally you're only responsible for $50 if you report the card stolen promptly. Contact your credit card issuer immediately. They'll cancel future charges on the card, issue a new card to you, and you'll be back in business in about 10 days.
  • you have limited liability-50 or 100 bucks and some cards you dont even have that-do have to report it as stolen though-as for them getting caught-wouldnt hold your breath waiting for that to happen----hope this helps---smile and enjoy the day
  • You need to report your card missing and then it will be cancellled. I don't think you would be held responsible for someone else spending fraudently on your card
  • You are only responsible for the first 50 dollars charged...that's it.
  • i would call and have it cancelled asap so that the person that has it cant use it. and tell them that when its tried to use to have the store put a stop on the person using it so that they can be caught.
  • Here is the actual process. Report you card stolen to the CC company. Go over the current purchases and file a formal dispute. They will cancel the card and issue a new one, with the unauthorized charges still showing, but accruing no interest until the matter is settled. They will send you paperwork to fill out for each unauthorized charge. It's pretty lengthy stuff, but required. You send the paperwork back to the company, and unless they find reason to believe you were somehow involved, they will remove the charges. The $50 business is a 'standard', but I have had to process 3 disputes in my life and have never had to pay a dime. However, in my case, the cards were somehow stolen online and never 'physically' stolen, so that 'may' make a difference.
  • Here is the actually process. When you lose your credit card or see any fraudulent charges on it contact your credit card company right away. They will cancel the card and issue you a new one. When your card is stolen, thieves can do many things with it, but your credit card company has you covered. If someone gets your credit card swiped at a retail location, then your credit card company will use security tapes and signatures to determine who was the one using it. If your card is used on the internet, your charge will be reversed within a few days to weeks due to internet regualtion laws. It states that only an IP address can be used in their investagion. If a product was purchased online then the credit card company will go after the one who resides on the shipping address. If a service was purchased then the charge will be reversed with no further investigation if the service was not used. If it was used then they will have to determine the person that was identified for the service. If the card was used overseas then the charges have to be reversed with no investigation due to privacy international laws. Overall your credit can be ruined if it gets into the wrong hands, but today credit card companys are on top of it and handle these cases promptly and have them completed reversed. I know this because my name is Dick Kovacevich.

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