• publicly yes i beleive so
  • Somehow, at least in NY state I think it is illegal. Same goes for locker-rooms and fitting rooms. In places you expect total privacy, you should receive it.
  • I know it illegal to do it publicly. I don't know about private.
  • Stockton, Calif., Mall Uses Security Cameras in Restrooms. Byline: Reed Fujii Sep. 8--Jerry Precziado was brought up short last weekend while strolling through Sherwood Mall when his son, Christopher, 9, stopped at the security-and-information booth and began laughing. When Precziado investigated, he saw a monitor in easy public view displaying a closed-circuit camera's view of the wash basins in the men's restroom. "Here's a guy fixing his crotch, and stepping back and looking at himself, then fixing his pants again," the Stockton man said. "It caught me off-guard. I know they have a lot of deals with cameras, ... but to put it in the bathroom like, whoa ... that's really pushing it." Yes, the mall does have a camera in both the men's and women's restroom overlooking the wash basins, as well as a sign on the doors to the facilities announcing that fact. "Restroom exterior and sink area monitored by closed-circuit camera,"...
  • Sounds like it should be illegal.
  • This would vary by state or local law, and some jurisdictions probably do ban this. However, I know some jurisdictions only require that notice be posted if monitoring is being done. Thus, broadly claiming this illegal would not be accurate (although it is probably illegal in many places).
  • yes it is. that is invasion of of personl private time and should not be taped.
  • Yes. I think it should be illegal. In not, that's really frightening.
  • It seems on private property with a sign in California it is legal. 41st ave Cinema in Capitola California now has a sign and full camera surveillance of the entire mens bathroom. I found this appalling.

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