• Sleep talk and sleep walk.
  • I have woken myself up laughing a few times.
  • I woke up elbowing the wall repeatedly. No apparent reason.
  • Apparently I used to sit up and pretend to eat out of my hands....
  • I used to talk and walk in my sleep all the time... I woke up in my parent's bed one time. And another time I got a drink of water.
  • I was dreaming I was eating and woke up with my jaws snapping together like I was biting something. But my husband tries to hump me in his sleep all the time and that cracks me up. (yes, he IS really sleeping!) :)
  • well sometimes i dream about bugs in my room and i wake up and in 1 second i'm running out the door...then once i'm awake and outside the bedroom I think to myself..."there wasnt really bugs in the room...right?" then i feel foolish and go back to bed. its happened so many times
  • I've been told i play pinball on my cell phone while i sleep
  • made rice. I dreamt about rice, when I woke up in the morning, I went to the kitchen, there was a clean pot in the drainer, and I thought, hmmm. Then I went back to my bedroom, sat on the edge of my bed and opened my bedside drawer and there was a bowl of instant rice. Sleep rice making.
  • When we were kids, I had to share a room with my brother. One night he walked in the room while i was asleep and I shouted out "Fuck Off". I never remembered it happening, and he says I was fast asleep, so I must have been dreaming about someone I didn't like. I also rolled on top of the cat one night. Thankfully I'm not that heavy.
  • I woke up in the middle of a conversation in my nightie with my roomates in college. I had gone to bed early and they had their boyfriends over. I was mortified.
  • Apparently I used to speak in my sleep (like, when I was about 5)... I'm told I said some WEIRD things : D I can't remember specifics, but it was stuff like "Why yes, I WILL have the monkey with a side of cheese train crazy, how did you know?" (That was just something I made up then, but you get the idea : P It wasn't disjointed words, it was properly formed sentences that made absolutely no sense : D ) On one occasion my parents said they heard me having a full-blown (fully coherent) conversation with myself too, lol All that's stopped now... Apparently I sleep like a rock now; not a sound, not a movement, nothing wakes me...
  • I growl and sometimes people have told me I have made cat noises.
  • Once I was dreaming that I was trying to kick my dishwasher but my leg wouldn't move forward, only backward. Finally it let go and I woke up because I kicked the blinds on the window next to my bed. Apparently my foot was stuck in the blankets so I couldn't kick. This isn't really when I was sleeping, but once I was talking to a friend of mine and all of a sudden she started laughing her ass off. Apparently I had fallen asleep in the middle of a sentence and started it right back up a few hours later when I woke up like nothing happened. I wouldn't have believed them except for the time and stuff on tv!
  • i am a chronic sleepwalker,crossed bridges and went and fell asleep at other peoples' house.
  • One time I was dreaming that someone was handing me something and I woke up with my arm raised in the air actually reaching for that something. I've also been told that I twitch as I'm falling asleep.
  • I used to sleep walk and talk in my sleep up until a couple of years ago, apparently i talk dirty in my sleep as if im talking to my partner in bed lol and i once went sleepwalking down the street naked and picked flowers,
  • I use to sleepwalk a lot and just start random conversations with my parents and then wealk back to my room. Once I woke up and thought my parents carried me to their room but they said I just came at night. I also talk in my sleep and even cursed at family members. I don't remember any of this when I wake up.
  • Ive answered the phone several times while ive been asleep. I often forget half or the entire conversation if im not careful. Ive learned the hard way to just say sorry im asleep, which sounds kinda odd to the people who answer the phone if they dont know me. Also, one time, i actually woke up on time and got to work on time like a good boy. That was really weird.
  • I guess I got married, I was in a coma and they almost pronounced me dead. My fiance took charge and here I am six years later happily married.
  • I giggle in my sleep apparently.
  • Far as I know, nothing but snore... My ex had a couple of ... pecadillos ... though... She could sit up and hold a complete conversation with you, and about the only way you'd know she was asleep is that SOMETHING she said didn't make any sense at all. When that happened, I'd just tell her to go back to sleep, and she usually did. The other thing was, apparently, when she was younger, she walked in her sleep. One day, she (abt 17 or so) and her parents were at Purdue visiting her sister. That night, she woke up in the hallway of the hotel in her baby-doll nightie. She had NO idea how she got there, and where she'd been. Her door was locked and that's probably what woke her up. She had to knock on the door loud enough to wake her parents but soft enough not to wake anyone else. And, my brother when he was little, and one of my boys when THEY were little, would "wake up", walk into the kitchen, and pee in the trash can. It was NOT that they were doing it on purpose... They were sound asleep. (Good thing we had plastic liners in them!) LOL
  • When I was younger, I stayed the night at a friends house. My friend says that he woke up one morning to the sound of someone running in his hallway. He starred out his door and saw me run by hunched over. He called me over. I walked in to his room. He asked me what the hell I was doing and I said "Have you seen any rabbits around here?" then fell flat on my face on his floor.
  • I have been known to say a few words in my sleep but my younger brother is a different story! Does anyone remember that episode of friends with the screaming lady from the sleep clinic? Well hes just like that! He shares a room with my older younger brother and he has been known to yell 'Captain Scarlett' and have full blown story telling for hours in his very deep baritone voice, it cracks my other brother up! x
  • Look dead. I lay on my back with my fingers interlaced on my chest and breathe lightly. I also never move while I am under.
  • i over my best friends house and slept walk i gues? then woke up with her older sisters shirt on?
  • Argued with my brother as I consumed an apple.

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