• While I was married, I worked only to pay bills. It was a terrible, emotionally abuvsive, controlling marriage. Now that I'm divorced I have a new lease on life. For the first time, I signed up for martial arts, which is one thing I've always wanted to do but was never "allowed." So now I work to buy things to support my hobbies. I feel like I am truly living now!
  • I try to live to enjoy life but lately its only work so I can pay the bills. But with the new year I'm trying to get my self to do more fun things to start enjoying life again.
  • I try to enjoy life as much as possible. I only work to pay the bills. If I had an unlimited amount of money, I would enjoy every second. I would travel all the world and enjoy all there is to offer. I hate the idea of not being able to relax and enjoy life until you are old and retired.
  • I suppose I enjoy life, while my husband works to get the bills paid.
  • I live to do both. I think there's a balance we should strike between pleasure activities, idle time, and productive work. If I let one thing consume my life I'll just become bored with it.
  • right now it's work work work so that i can get things set so that one day i can enjoy and live my life...but actually i am loving life right now
  • To enjoy the life ,I purchase the things & to foot the bill, I work.
  • Right now it is work to get things ready for fun.
  • I work to pay my bills and to travel two weeks a year. So I guess you could say I do a little bith of both. =)
  • I enjoy life. I took my job as a librarian because I loved the work. The salary is almost laughable but I grew up poor and to me being happy with the job you go to day after day is more valuable.
  • i'd love to live to enjoy life but in these trying times,it seems that we just live to work and pay the bills.
  • I don't know why the hell I'm right now. Its certainly not to enjoy life. So, it must be to take up space when the Grim Reaper come calling.
  • not really and i dont really get to work since noone will hire me
    • Joreta Cherry
      no one

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