• I don't hate people, but sometimes I do think that when people say "be yourself" they don't really mean it. I think that is particulary true of school teachers, administrators and guidance counselors. I was substitute teaching yesterday, and one of the class rules she handed out was that you have to smile. What?????? Not everyone is smiley, not everyone wants to smile all the time. Sure, most of us would prefer to see a smiling face, but how can you have posters in the hall that say "Be yourself", and then turn around and make a rule that you have to smile.
  • I don't hate people who say "Be yourself." I say that myself. I know that it's hard for many people to be themselves because of the world around them, but I also know that it's a good idea to stop caring about what everyone else thinks if you're not even doing anything bad anyway. Oh, and yes, I do agree that the way you decide to act is who you are, but I also think that "why" you decide to act the way you do plays a big role in who you are as well.
  • i kinda find it offensive, cause i am being myself.. then who the hell am i acting like then?
  • Sure, to an extent how you decide to act is being yourself. You should be concerned with how you represnt yourself and how you treat others, but there are personality traits that just come through no matter those decisions. This is what people are saying, to stop trying to be something you aren't.
  • True but there are some things you are naturally better at and more comfortable with which affect the way you decide to act.
  • 3-23-2017 What they mean is be perfect, and act like it comes naturally. If you have a problem, you are to get lost and come back when you don't have it any more. They don't want a friend, they want a performer.

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