• If you are talking about the US, then you sure as spit have to pay.....well, either you or your insurance....Ambulance rides are wicked expensive, too.......
  • gee I hope no one calls an ambulance for a cut on the had cause someone will pay dearly for a ride that was unnecessary!
    • Linda Joy
      Not if they're bleeding to death!
  • Where I live, the ambulances charge about $1,000 for their service. I don't know of any taxpayer provided ambulance. They sent my son a bill when his girlfriend had an emergency, and they applied for Medi-Cal (taxpayer supported) which eventually paid it. They had to meet with the hospital payment center four or five times over the following year, to make arrangements for payment. The amount was reduced by more than half, when Catholic Charities picked up the rest of the bill (and they are not Catholic).
      Yeah, I'm not Catholic either, but I gotta give the Catholics credit for doing so very much humanitarian work. Christian by example (and believe you me, the typical Catholic I know is no good example of a Christian! But then I look at the work they do...)
  • It's why they have credit cards and mobile payment systems, kid.
  • Depends on where you live. In my town, residents don't pay for ambulance rides.
  • The VA Hospital will pay for my ambulance or a taxi ride home, but I usually try to treat the situation as if I had to pay it myself because I know nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it. Even when my BP was 199/153 and I was in tachycardia and afib I texted a friend and then asked a neighbor to take me to the hospital. But at that point I almost called an ambulance.
  • As an Austrlalian its free here unfortunately our corrput goverment has given all our medicare money away to Ukraine it wont be long before we have to pay. It sounds good doesn't it I left out if you goto a public hospital you will be waiting a long time. Some people wait that long they die before they get any treatment. Our system is falling apart. If you don't have Ambulance Cover and ride in an Ambulance that will cost you the best part of $1k.
  • In the USA, somebody always has to pay! 8/16/22
  • In the UK both the ambulance and treatment would be free at the point of use through the National Health Service, which is funded from taxation.

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